Howell Twp. Officials Move To Update Non-Motorized Pathways Plan

Howell Township officials are looking to update a document that serves as a guiding plan for non-motorized pathways in the municipality.

The township’s Planning Commission met Tuesday and held a public hearing to update the pathways plan. There were no residents in attendance, either to speak for or against the intentions for the plan; however, the Planning Commission did vote unanimously to make a recommendation to the township’s Board of Trustees to adopt the plan. The board will consider the Planning Commission’s recommendation at a future meeting.

Township Planner Paul Montagno says there is a need to update the plan since the non-motorized pathways ordinance was established in the community. The plan serves as a guiding tool for officials as they make decisions regarding future development in the township. The document serves officials by depicting what may be considered “high priority” areas for implementing a non-motorized pathway and is useful for developers making plans for areas that might include a pathway now or in the future. Montagno says having a non-motorized trail plan in place is the first step to bringing pathways to fruition, and the next move would be to perform a feasibility study. Officials would then work to determine the preferred route, figure out easement acquisitions, calculate project costs based on engineering, and then research grant opportunities before the proposal could come before the board.

Board Representative Matthew Counts says the map will make decisions when it comes to site plans “a lot easier”. The non-motorized trail plan can be viewed by the public at Township Hall, Monday through Thursday, from 8am to 5pm. (DK)


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