Lead Advisory Issued For White Lake Township

White Lake Township homes tested for lead showed levels that exceed newly implemented state standards.

According to an advisory on the White Lake Township website, officials collected samples from 30 locations in its two distribution systems. Three samples out of 20 collected in its southernmost district had lead results of 21 parts per billion (ppb), which exceeds the Action Level of 15 ppb. Officials say the “Action Level” is not a health-based standard, but it is a level that triggers additional actions including, but not limited to, increased investigative sampling of water quality and educational outreach to customers. They stress that no lead was detected in any source water wells in the township and homes that were selected for sampling were built before 1988 and have copper plumbing with lead solder.

As a result, White Lake Township will increase monitoring in its southern distribution system, and is sending out a copy of the public advisory with all of its water bills. In addition, a town hall meeting is planned Thursday from 7 to 9pm at Lakeland High School on Bogie Lake Road. Experts from White Lake Department of Public Services, the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy as well as the Oakland County Health Division will be available for a discussion of the facts and the precautionary measures that are being taking in an effort to protect residents from any possible health risk.

Oakland County experts will also be on hand to answer any health related questions from residents concerned about lead and will have filters available to distribute to residences with children or pregnant women that would like one and are not able to afford the cost. (JK)


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