Lyon Township Fire Department Urges Carbon Monoxide Safety

With the winter season here, one local fire department is reminding the community about the importance of having working carbon monoxide alarms.

The Lyon Township Fire Department responded to a carbon monoxide detector going off early Christmas morning. A post on the department’s Facebook page says the family was sleeping when the detector went off and it was proper planning that saved their lives. Crews arrived on scene and found higher levels of carbon monoxide in the home and it was believed that the furnace may have been faulty. However, the department noted this was also a newly built home. Officials say it’s very important that everyone have a carbon monoxide detector. They advise that if an alarm is older than seven years, it should be replaced. It was further noted that any time a carbon monoxide detector activates, anyone inside should get out of the house, leave windows closed and call 911. The department says leaving the house closed up helps them get proper readings on their gas monitor and makes it easier to try and find the source of the carbon monoxide.

Additional information about carbon monoxide can be found through the provided link. (JM)


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