Patrols Enforce State School Bus Law

The Brighton City Police Dept. is conducting patrols this fall to catch drivers who are speeding past school buses with their red flashers on and blinking alternately.

Police Chief Rob Bradford tells WHMI that police are enforcing the school bus law every school day at select locations, and now police have a new tool at their disposal, as the bus drivers have video cameras to video record drivers as they pass by.

The school bus law is a civil infraction the charge being “failure to stop for a school bus crossing”. Bradford says his department has issued literally “dozens” of tickets to offending motorists this fall. Michigan law states that quote, “All vehicles must stop not less than 20 feet from a stopped school bus displaying alternately flashing red lights, and may not proceed until the school bus has resumed motion or the visual signals are no longer actuated.” In addition, the roadway must be clear of pedestrians crossing the road before the driver may proceed.

Violators who are ticketed will receive 3 points on their driving record, which will remain for two years. The fine for the infraction varies from $100-$500, plus drivers will be assessed up to $100 in court costs. Offenders could also be sentenced to a maximum 100 hours of community service. (TT)


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