Proposed Housing Development Moves Forward In Hartland Twp.

A site condominium development proposed in Hartland Township has again received positive feedback from municipality officials.

The township’s Planning Commission previously reviewed and had positive remarks regarding conceptual plans for a 55-unit development comprised of single family residential homes on property east of Hacker Road and north of M-59. The plans then moved to the Board of Trustees, who considered them at a recent meeting. Trustee Joe Colaianne said the proposed development is “well laid out”, and has beneficial features like sidewalks to boost connectivity in the community, as well as the preservation of green areas and wetlands.

The development is said to have a “very high density” at 2.24 dwelling units per acre, which exceeds the permitted density of one to two units per acre for the property; however, board members were accepting of the density because of the development’s layout and fair distance from the busy US-23/M-59 interchange. Board members also felt the abundance of green space that’s depicted in the conceptual plan helped balance out the higher density.

Wayne Perry, who is with the land surveyor company Desine Inc., told the Board at Tuesday’s meeting that the proposed homes are low-maintenance, making them a good option for certain demographics that he feels don’t want the responsibility of typical home maintenance.

Perry says, “The younger generation today, as well as older people, don’t want the responsibility of coming out and mowing their lawn…before the trash pickup, and maintaining the outside of the house and taking care of washing the windows, and all the things that are assumed to be the responsibility of the homeowner”. Perry adds, “They want the flexibility to be able to come and go as they want without taking care of all those things.” Another selling point Perry believes is the lack of single family homes in the area and that the development will provide a product that is in demand but low in supply.

At Tuesday’s meeting the board did ask about two gates included in the plan at the development’s front and at the rear, near Walnut Ridge Estates. Project leaders say the gates offer a level of security and will help slow traffic before it enters the development. It was also noted that an agreement with Walnut Ridge has reportedly been worked out that would close a connection between Walnut Ridge and a neighboring church once the proposed Hacker Road development is established. Concerns had previously been voiced about church attendees and others using the connection to Walnut Ridge to drive through the developments to avoid traffic. A connection between the two developments would be established in exchange for the closure of the access point between Walnut Ridge and the church parking lot.

Ultimately, board members offered positive feedback regarding the proposal, and project planners can now move toward finalizing site plans and seeking official approval. (DK)


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