VINA Looks To Expand Services In 2020

A local nonprofit is looking back on 2019 with a sense of satisfaction and looking forward to 2020 as a chance to advance even further in their mission to provide low-cost dental care to those in need.

The VINA Community Dental Center says 2019 saw the organization get a Preventative Incentive Program up and running thanks to funding from Livingston County United Way and Livingston County Consortium on Aging, allowing them to offer a discount on 6-month hygiene appointments. Prior to receiving that funding, VINA officials say they had a very long list of patients who were unable to make regular hygiene appointments due to financial difficulty. By offering the discount, patients were able to prioritize their oral care and prevent dental emergencies such as infection and extractions. VINA plans to use that success to leverage more funding and expand the program.

In addition, VINA also received grant funding from the Michigan Dental Association Foundation and Comerica for their Emergency Dental Care Program, allowing them to have a dentist in the office more regularly. Looking into 2020, VINA says they are hoping to add a part time dentist to the staff. According to the United Way report for Livingston County, there are currently 27,500 residents who qualify for dental care at VINA and adding another dentist will better help serve those individuals. Two specific areas they are hoping to expand into are the veteran’s community and senior citizens. You’ll find additional details through the link below. (JK)


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