Aisin Unveils Future Car Concepts At Vegas CES

A local leader in developing technology for autonomous vehicles is showing off their latest concepts in Las Vegas.

Northville-based Aisin World Corp. of America operates the Fowlerville Proving Ground which they use to test many concept items to be used in self-driving and autonomous vehicles. This week, they are at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, where they have unveiled a fully autonomous concept vehicle using some of their latest technology, named “i-mobility C-20.”

Aisin President Scott Turpin says this is a chance to show off their connected approach to linking automated and electric systems with in-cabin monitoring capabilities to provide a safe and pleasurable ride for all travelers. I-mobility C-20 tech can monitor not only road conditions, but also awareness in drivers and passengers. Distracted driving is cut down by cameras that are sophisticated enough to see through polarized lenses on glasses and can detect eye direction and position. Audible or other types of sensory alarms could then be used to remind drivers to get their eyes back on the road. From an electrification standpoint, they are also demonstrating at CES taking an entire system from the driving mechanism, to the breaking mechanism, and then to inside the cabin, and showing how they tie it together and manage the data in real-time.

Turpin says that as the mobility mindset continues to evolve and more people become aware of it, the possibilities are endless on where this can go. He said communities and universities have shown a lot of interest in this technology and how it can help reduce traffic congestion.

Turpin says the response at the show thus far has been fantastic, and along with hourly demonstrations, they are also getting a lot stop-in booth traffic from other visitors walking the floor. This is the 3rd year Aisin has operated a boot at CES. (MK)


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