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Frequently Asked Questions About Divorce Cases

What Is a Divorce?

A divorce is a legal dissolution of a marriage through a court of law or any other body that is competent. During the process, the couples or court will decide property sharing, spouse support and children custody. Call or visit our affordable family law attorney, Tim MacDonald, who will advise you during the process.

How Long Will It Take Me to Get a Divorce

The time taken is depended on the case. Normal cases where both spouses agree might take up to six months i.e. 2-3 weeks and then the court schedule time. However, if the case goes to full trial, it might take up to 2 years and it will require high divorce attorney fees, especially toward the end of the litigation process.

What is the Process of Divorcing?

To get a divorce, you will be required to file a divorce case in the district clerk’s office personally or do it through your best family law attorney. Your spouse will be notified adequately through some of the acceptable means. On the first Monday after 20 days of notification, the case can commence.

Can I Get a Divorce If My Spouse Rejects It?

Yes. However, when your spouse is not cooperative, the case might drag on for a long time and thus, it will be very expensive. You might require an aggressive divorce attorney to help shorten this period.

Who Will Take the Children Custody In Case of a Divorce?

During a divorce case, it is normal to hear child custody battle stories with each parent wanting to take custody of the children i.e. father custody battles where the custody battle dad will want to have custody of the children or mothers custody battles where the mother wants to have custody of the children. Parents should always decide how they want both the physical and legal custody of the children resolved. If they do not agree, they will need to get lawyers for custody battles and the court will make the final decision on who will have custody of the children. One parent might have children’s custody or both. However, visitation rights will be upheld. To get more information on children custody, call or visit our offices for free custody battle information as well as how to win a child custody battle.

Can I Relocate My Children to another State after Divorce?

Yes. It depends on several circumstances, which might be looked at. Some cases might be out of state custody battles where either of the parents lives in different states. In such a case, you will need to hire a good divorce attorney to take charge of the case. The attorney must understand specific divorce laws for the two states involved.

What Is Uncontested Divorce?

This is a divorce where the spouses arrive at a divorce agreement and terms before facing trial. In this case, you will need an uncontested divorce attorney to help you during the process. If the spouse decides to contest the divorce, it is referred to a contested divorce that might require litigation.

How much will a Divorce Cost Me?

The exact divorce attorney fees will vary depending on many things. For instance, reasonable divorce attorneys might require low hourly rates fees as opposed to celebrity divorce attorneys. The particular stage of the divorce case will also influence the fees paid. These fees will be separate from costs of filing a divorce case, which range from $200 to $300 in most states. In addition to that, some lawyers charge higher fees, especially those who have taken the personal family lawyer program because they have been adequately trained.

Which Divorce Attorney Do I hire

There are several types of divorce attorneys to hire and the specific one will be dependent on your financial ability and the nature of your divorce. Some of the common divorce attorneys to consider include the following:

  • high asset divorce attorneys
  • high net worth divorce attorneys
  • collaborative divorce attorneys
  • contingency divorce lawyerss
  • military divorce attorneys
  • female divorce attorneys
  • Spanish divorce lawyers
  • ADAM divorce attorneys (focused on men’s rights – We can help here)

Some people, like the military person, might be required to get the best military divorce attorney who knows how to handle divorce matters that concern the military persons.

What do I Look for When Choosing a Divorce attorney or Lawyer

You should look at the attorney’s qualifications, experience, cases battled so far, and how they ended up. In addition to that, check whether he or she is a board certified divorce attorney and the fees charged.

Can I Divorce Without a Lawyer

Yes. If you cannot get a cheap divorce attorney, you can do it yourself. In such a case, you will be referred to as ‘pro se litigant’. However, you will have to follow the divorce court rules as the divorce attorneys do. This might ruin your case. It is much better to utilize services of some of the free consultation divorce attorneys. They can meet you for free and help you to work-out a sensible payment plan. We do not offer “cheap family law lawyers.” We offer effective and proven services for the price. Legal aid divorce lawyers may appear cheap, but more hours build for less effective work that eventually ends in a poor judgment for you as not our idea of “cheap.”

If I Cannot Afford a Divorce Attorney, What Do I Do?

If you are not able to pay even for the inexpensive divorce attorneys, use the services of free consultation divorce attorneys to establish a plan or the family law attorney free consultation services. These attorneys will give you free information on how to win a custody battle, what is required during a divorce, and other things that a divorce process requires. At the end of the day, the question will be: How important is it for me to be properly represented? How can I adjust my lifestyle temporarily to make that happen?

Who are Pro Bono Divorce Attorneys

A pro bono divorce attorney is a free attorney who will voluntarily handle your divorce case.

How Will My Child’s Support Be Determined?

During a divorce case, winning child custody battles is very important. However, both of the parents will be responsible for supporting their children. The amount each pays will be dependent on the time the spouse spends on children and his or her income. Parents are free to increase or decrease the amount of support in accordance to some of the set conditions. However, the judge in charge of the case has a final say on the specific amounts. In addition to this, at times, alimony might be required where one spouse helps the other financially.

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