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Are you having trouble dealing with bill collectors and live in Howell Michigan? Are you embarrassed about the idea of filing bankruptcy? I can stop your pain TODAY! Section 362 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code protects you against creditors calling you. It stops the phone calls today! It gives you relief. We can put it into force for you.

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Effective Bankruptcy Litigation, including Chapter 7, 11 & 13. Our staff has worked in the Chapter 7 & 13 Trustee Courts in Detroit- Has the competition? Expert Witness in Bankruptcy- Is the competition?

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After a bankruptcy, many people wonder if they can get a mortgage or finance a vehicle- We work with local experts who you can help you. We can provide you with a list of people who can help you locally, during your free initial consultation. Call 517-545-4-LAW today!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Bankruptcy

What Are Bankruptcy Laws?

These are a set of federal laws created by the US Congress, which will give you a chance to cancel or reduce your debts, and thus, a chance to start all over again. These bankruptcy laws run all the way from chapter 7 to chapter 13. However, the commonly used forms are bankruptcy chapter 7 and chapter 13 laws.

Why Should I file for Bankruptcy?

Filing for bankruptcy will help you in getting your debts erased if you are discharged. In addition to that, you might receive some adjustments to your payments such as lower interest rates, more time to reorganize yourself as well cancel some of your debts. This is however dependent on the specific chapter you filed your bankruptcy in.

Bankruptcy Chapter 7 Vs Chapter 11 – Which One Should I File For?

n deciding between which of the two chapters of bankruptcy you should file, you need to know that bankruptcy chapter 7 is a ‘liquidation’ or ‘straight’ bankruptcy, which will require your creditors to give you a few exceptions on debts owed. On the other hand, chapter 11 will give you ‘reorganization time’ and it is normally filed by a few individuals who have large debts and need time to reorganize themselves.

What Will Happen to My Credit History If I Filed Bankruptcy?

Filing bankruptcy will have a negative impact on your credit history or score. However, you should visit our very affordable bankruptcy attorney who will give you the best possible advice on how you can later improve your credit rating. You will also have a chance to ask bankruptcy questions you might be having.

What Is the Total Cost of Bankruptcy Lawyer Fees?

The exact amount of bankruptcy lawyer fee required will greatly vary from one lawyer to another. A good bankruptcy attorney or lawyer should not charge you so much. In fact, you can actually get a cheap bankruptcy attorney if you search carefully. You need to know that hiring a corporate bankruptcy attorney or one of the busiest bankruptcy lawyers in this area might cost you more. However, if you visit us, the average bankruptcy lawyer fees you will pay are much lower compared to other firms, bearing in mind that our lawyers are very experienced in dealing with different forms of bankruptcy. This fee is also depended on the type of bankruptcy you are filing. Furthermore, you can get a free consultation from a bankruptcy lawyer who will give free bankruptcy information. Bankruptcy attorney free consultation services from a qualified bankruptcy consultancy firm, such as ours, will set you down the right path.

What Types of Attorneys Can I hire?

There are different types of attorneys, however it is good to get a board certified bankruptcy attorney. Some of the different kinds of bankruptcy attorneys include a personal attorney, a hardship bankruptcy attorney, commercial bankruptcy attorney, business bankruptcy attorney, real estate bankruptcy attorney, creditor bankruptcy attorney, foreclosure bankruptcy attorney, criminal defense attorney, tax bankruptcy attorney. Our resident attorney, Tim MacDonald, provides all of these services. You are not advised to search for pro bono bankruptcy attorneys or other “low income bankruptcy attorneys” as they are not likely to do a good job. These are the attorneys who come to us for advice. Always remember that just because someone’s fees appear cheap, it doesn’t mean they will get the job done well or economically in the end. You need someone you can trust.

Where can I file bankruptcy

You are required to file your bankruptcy in any of the bankruptcy courts that are found in the ’94 federal juridical districts’. If you like taking unnecessary risks, you could also go for online bankruptcy filing. We’d advise you to stay away from that mess. While filing your bankruptcy, you should find out if there is any bankruptcy filing fee waiver, which will reduce the amount you will incur as you file your bankruptcy. However, this can be requested after you complete your bankruptcy forms, which are used while declaring bankruptcy information.

Do I Need an Attorney to File a Bankruptcy

If you are not able to get a free bankruptcy attorney (very bad idea) or inexpensive bankruptcy attorney (most are also a bad idea), you could actually do it yourself (the worst idea) and this will reduce your cost of filing bankruptcy. However, having an attorney will make the process easier since we are well informed on the new bankruptcy code popularly known as the ‘Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005’ that came to effect on 17th October 2005 as well as the local bankruptcy rules in your state or country. It is estimated that over 70% of people who file for bankruptcy do it themselves without an attorney. Many of them end up in my office to clean up the mess later. It is only easy so long as you know the bankruptcy code. That’s probably why you need an attorney in the first place. An attorney is very important since he or she can help you in getting your federal bankruptcy forms completed in accordance with the federal bankruptcy code as well as federal bankruptcy rules and regulations. Understanding the bankruptcy laws by state is also important since there might be a slight difference in the various chapters from one state to another and your attorney will be of much help in this area.

Does Filling For My Bankruptcy Stop My Creditors Bills?

Yes. It will stop your creditors’ bills due to an ‘automatic stay’ that is immediately imposed by the federal law, and none of your creditors can collect any debts. This includes tax debts and court judgment while the bankruptcy case is still pending. However, under chapter 7, 11 or 13, if you file a second bankruptcy after recent bankruptcy filings (which are less than one year) and it was dismissed, the conditions of the initial dismissal will apply after 30 days of filing unless the second filing can be shown to be done in good faith. In fact, within weeks of your filing for bankruptcy, your creditors will be notified and they will stop collecting their debts.

Where Do I Get My Federal Bankruptcy Records?

Normally, your attorney will have a copy of your free public bankruptcy records for at least three months after you case is dismissed or discharged. However, this will vary from one attorney to another. You could also get your bankruptcy records online free of any charge as well as your free bankruptcy forms schedules.

How Do I Determine If My Income Will Make Me Eligible To File For A Bankruptcy?

You can do that by taking a bankruptcy means test online, which will determine if your income is low enough for you to file for bankruptcy under any of the bankruptcy chapters i.e. chapters 7 all through to 13.

Is Public Bankruptcy Information Accessible By Everyone?

Yes. According to section, 107 of the federal bankruptcy code, any fillings made are part of public records.

What Happens If My Bankruptcy Case Is Dismissed

It means you will continue with the repayment schedules of your debts.

Do I Need To File Bankruptcy With My Spouse?

No, you do not have to file bankruptcy with your spouse. One person will be sufficient in filling it. However, if the two to spouses cosigned the involved debts, they will be required to file bankruptcy together according to the bankruptcy code.

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A Brief History of Howell Michigan

January 1836 saw the establishment of the first post office. Flavius J. B. Crane was postmaster and the post office was located in the Eagle Tavern. In March of this same year, there was a mail route started between Howell and the village of Kensington, and west to Grand Rapids.

The City of Howell is the county seat of Livingston County. On 24 March 1836, the legislature passed an act organizing Livingston County and Howell was slated to become the county seat. This claim was vigorously opposed by a group from Brighton and was wholly relinquished by them until the county buildings were actually erected 12 years later. Howell at once assumed the dignity of the county seat.

The town was originally called Livingston Center and incorporated on 14 March 1863

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