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Hi, I’m attorney Timothy MacDonald, and with over 21 years    of experience in Michigan, I’m the Criminal Attorney other attorneys go to for advice. I know Michigan law. Are you faced with potential jail time? I handle all types of criminal case representation, including:

  • Drunk Driving
  • Criminal Law
  • Auto Accidents
  • Felonies & Misdemeanors
  • DUI
  • Domestic Violence
  • Juvenile Cases
  • License Restoration
  • Criminal Sexual Conduct

Trust me, county jail sucks! If you’re in a pinch and are serious about avoiding time behind bars, do like many other attorneys do when they need advice on their cases: Call Me!

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The practice of criminal law is like playing cards- Be careful how you bet, this is not a game you want to lose. Don’t double-down on the wrong attorney. You’re the one who goes to jail, not the attorney.”

Frequently Asked Questions About Criminal Defense

What is criminal law?

It is a group of laws governing crimes (offenses against the state) as well as individual offense penalties. For further information or queries on criminal law, kindly visit our attorney criminal division or call our phone number (517-545-4-LAW) to consult or book a free initial in person consultation from our best criminal attorney.

What Should I Do If I Am Arrested for a Criminal Offense?

Answer all the questions that verify your identity such as names, date of birth, address truthfully. Refrain from answering any questions that can incriminate you and contact any of your affordable criminal attorneys for help.

What Rights Do I Have If I Have Been Accused of a Crime?

If you have been accused of any criminal offense, you are presumed innocent until proven guilty by a court of law beyond any reasonable doubt. Some of the rights that the US constitution will guarantee you as you look for good attorneys for criminal justice to handle your case include the following:

  • Right to be silent to avoid self-incrimination
  • Right to have a competent defense attorney
  • Right to a public trial that is fair
  • Right to be told charges leveled against you
  • Right to collect your own evidence
  • Right to get confrontation from witnesses who are against you and many others

What Should I Do When I Am First Arraigned In Court?

You should plead not guilty, not guilty with an insanity reason, guilty, or no contest.

Do I need to Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney?

Yes. Although the constitution of America guarantees the right for every person to have a criminal attorney, getting one of the top criminal attorneys is the best way of ensuring you maximize and protect your legal interests. Your criminal attorney will work in countering evidences by the appointed criminal district attorney investigators.

What Should I Look For In Personal Attorneys Representing Me In A Criminal Case?

Look at the crimimal attorney fees charge and experience in criminal laws in cases like yours. If he or she belongs to any association such as a criminal lawyers association, this will be a big plus.

How Do I Get a Good Criminal Attorney?

To get a good criminal attorney, check on a reputed criminal attorney directory, criminal lawyer blog or a criminal lawyer directory. These three places will give you resourceful information on various criminal attorneys. It’s also a good idea to call the courts in the district you’ll be arraigned in. They can tell you who has a reputation for winning. Alternatively, call us today and you will speak with Tim MacDonald, who is not necessarily one of the “cheap criminal lawyers,” but who gets the job done right. “Cheap” is not cheap, if it means more hours charged for less effective work and jail time for you. How important is your freedom to you? Tim MacDonald is widely consulted by other criminal attorneys, yet he will charge you rates similar average criminal attorney fees that are very competitive in the market.

What Is the Difference between a Criminal Defence Lawyer Job Description and Criminal Prosecution Lawyer Job Description?

A criminal defense lawyer will represent clients who have criminal offenses in a court of law and he must be licensed by the state. This profession understands court procedures and rules, which govern your case, as it is being determined. On the other hand, a criminal prosecution lawyer put on trial cases on behalf of the state government and people. He or she at times works under the attorney general criminal appeals. It is common to hire a criminal attorney former prosecutor to defend you since, the two jobs are very similar and prosecutors may have knowledge of common prosecution tactics. In addition to that, there are many criminal lawyer career advantages such as a good pay, many opportunities etc. Having professional certifications and membership to criminal defense lawyers association or other professional association will be of much advantage to a criminal defense attorney.

What Should I Do If I Am Convicted?

You could accept either the conviction or launch an appeal through your criminal appeal attorney. Ensure you get sufficient advice before launching an appeal. However, before conviction, your case must be heard fairly and a judgment pronounced.

What Do I Do If I Cannot Afford a Criminal Attorney?

You should request the court to provide you with a criminal attorney when you are first arraigned in court. Again, how important is your freedom to you? Price is less important than skill and experience.

How Much Does Hiring An Attorney Cost Me?

The crimimal attorney fees will vary depending on many things, including the nature of the case, stage and experience of the person you have hired. If you called or visited us, Mr. Tim MacDonald will first assess your case before giving you cost. You will not be charged for the initial consultation fee whether you do it by phone or in person.

Who Is a Public Defender?

A public defender is a lawyer employed by the county, to defend people who cannot afford hiring their own attorneys. This person will give criminal lawyer free consultation service and represent any defendant upon his appointment to deal with that specific case. The truth is: These civil servants have stacks and stacks of cases to work on, because many people want the free way out. The problem is that they simply cannot focus on your case the way a properly paid and skilled criminal defense attorney can. If you value your freedom, you will find a way to hire an attorney who give your case the individual time it needs.

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