BAFA Fire Station Addition Underway

Work is underway on a new addition to a fire station in Genoa Township that will provide multiple benefits to the community and firefighters who are stationed there.

The first project resulting from a taxpayer approved millage for the Brighton Area Fire Authority last May has begun. Land is currently being cleared on a 10,000 square-foot addition to Fire Station 34, off of Dorr Road, in Genoa Township. BAFA Fire Chief Mike O’Brian says that while that station has a nicely sized apparatus bay, there isn’t room for much else, but now that will change.

O’Brian says the addition will provide three main benefits to the department. First, it will allow them to separate their “clean” area from the “dirty” area. This will limit the staff’s exposure to potentially cancerous threats that can linger on equipment following a fire run. Secondly, it will give the Authority a new place for their academies, along with providing a new home for the Howell High School Fire Academy. O’Brian says with space being limited at the high school, this will help bring the cadets into the real world, right out of the gate. The Chief says they are going to have a great training facility where the cadets can get their classroom education and then move right out to the apparatus bay to get experience with the real vehicles. The third benefit is that Station 34 will allow for a second station within the Authority to provide 24-hour coverage.

Some in the community have raised concerns about building the addition at the Dorr Road facility, with it not having highway access for medical runs. Chief O’Brian said freeway access is always something they look at, but their top priority is how do they get to their fixed structures as quickly as possible. Previous attempts to have MDOT carve them out freeway access on Dorr Road have come up empty. O’Brian said the Latson interchange is still close enough, should they need east-west access.

He anticipates pretty significant movement on the construction this month, with the project being completed in mid-July. (MK)


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