County Commissioners Re-Elect Parker & Dolan As Chair, Vice-Chair

The Livingston County Board of Commissioners has elected to keep their leadership the same in the coming year.

In recent years past, with the exclusion of last year, the County Board has appointed a new Chair and Vice-Chair each January. Last year they voted to keep with who served those roles in 2018 and will again do the same. At Thursday night’s meeting of the Board, County Commissioners voted unanimously in favor of keeping Don Parker as Chairman.

Parker, who has served on the Board of Commissioners for 15 years, thanked his colleagues for their vote of confidence. He says serving as Chairman for the last two years has been an incredible part of his life, but also a very informative experience. Parker says commissioners serve the people of Livingston County, saying that the region is “second to none”, and that he is very thankful for the residents, officials and County staff.

Speaking at the meeting about his philosophy, Parker said that a county commissioner serves the people they represent in their respective district, but that a chairman serves their district and the Board of Commissioners. He called that role “servant leadership”, saying that it is not only something he respects, but something he has had to learn.

At the same meeting, the Board also voted unanimously to re-elect Dennis Dolan as Vice Chairman. Parker says Dolan makes his job as Chairman “a lot easier” and Dolan, who has now served on the Board for 18 years, thanked his colleagues and Livingston County residents for their support.

There were no other Board members nominated for either position. (DK)


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