County Engaged In Several Projects Born Out Of Master Plan

Several projects are currently being implemented to better guide and enhance communities in Livingston County.

In reworking the County’s Master Plan, the Department of Planning wanted to shape the document to become more of a policy guide and statement with the belief that it can be a huge advantage for communities that use it as a planning tool. Several projects have evolved from the creation of the 2018 Master Plan, which Principle Planner Scott Barb shared more information about at a recent meeting of Putnam Township’s Planning Commission.

Among the project’s the Department of Planning is currently engaged in that will affect local municipalities is a natural features inventory revisit. The project was undertaken several years ago and Barb says planners have decided to update it with new data, as well as designation for parks and trails.

Barb reports that County planners are also currently working on an infrastructure development project. The intent is to take the County-wide map and detail where existing infrastructure is, then provide a policy guide that recommends keeping developments away from sensitive areas like farm or environmental land, and steer it to places already experiencing development pressures. The hope is the direction will help establish a more orderly growth pattern in the area.

Putnam planning commissioners were also informed that the County recently received a $30,000 grant from the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments (SEMCOG) to build upon the existing trails planned throughout the County. Barb says he expects Putnam Township will be a benefactor of the project because of the municipality’s plentiful parks and recreation amenities.

Finally, Barb announced that a grand opening this spring is anticipated for Phase 1 of the Fillmore County Park, which will be located on nearly 200 acres of land off of Kellogg and McClements Road in Genoa Township. (DK)


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