Doctor Calls Bollin Abortion Pill Reversal Bill “Abominable”

A local lawmaker has co-sponsored a plan requiring physicians to notify women about an abortion pill reversal option – which opponents argue there is no medical evidence to support.

State Representative Ann Bollin has co-sponsored a plan to support women who change their mind after taking a dose of Mifepristone, commonly known as the abortion pill. The abortion pill reversal (APR) uses progesterone to reverse the effects of the abortion pill but Bollin said patients are never informed of the option. The Brighton Township Republican says by medical ethics standards, patients must be informed of all options available to them but that’s not the standard practice and it has to change. A press release refers to the Abortion Pill Reversal Group, which maintains if the protocol is used, the chances of saving the pregnancy are 48% to 64% depending on gestational age and reversal protocol used. Bollin argues that hundreds of babies have been saved because mothers utilized the APR and all women must be given that chance. However, opponents argue there is no medical evidence to support so-called “abortion reversal.”

Chief Medical Officer for Planned Parenthood of Michigan Dr. Sarah Wallett tells WHMI “There is no medical evidence to support so-called “abortion reversal.” In fact, a study designed to test that idea had to be halted early because of the danger to patients. Let me be clear: testing this alleged treatment in a safe, controlled and responsible way still led to women being rushed to the hospital after suffering severe vaginal bleeding. Moreover, when women come to me for abortion care, they are confident in their decision. I see it every day. And research shows that they don’t regret it years down the line, either. This is pseudo-science, and it is a demonstrated danger to patients to even suggest it as a “reversal” option. Legislators under the guise of helping women want to force physicians like myself to do something that (as a highly trained medical professional) I know to be harmful. This is infuriating. Legally requiring physicians to lie to and endanger their patients is abominable, and our lawmakers should know all Michiganders deserve better than that.” (JM)


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