A Personal Message from Tim MacDonald to Our Men and Women in Uniform

Listen, If you’re currently serving our country in the US armed forces (any branch), I see it this way: You’ve got your boots on the ground in some far off land so that I can run my business in a civil society. Without you, I couldn’t do what I do for a living, and I couldn’t live in a country like the one I’m in. If you want some “hippy” who says he “supports the troops but not the mission,” I’m NOT your guy. I may not know every detail of where you are, exactly what you’re doing, or why, but I do know one thing: You’re serving. You’re off your ass fighting to preserve the freedom of people who, sadly, don’t always respect or appreciate you for what you do. I also know this: If you’re serving me there, you don’t have enough time or enough access to clean up the mess when, pardon my French, shit hits the fan on the home front. You need someone who respects you and has the know-how, resources, and grit to get the job done here. Frankly, you deserve it.

I’ve worked with guys who’s cheating wives couldn’t wait for them to come home on a short leave, just so they could serve the divorce papers. “Hey honey! Welcome home, and thanks for sacrificing for our freedoms! By the way, I’m sleeping with your high school buddy, and here’s your divorce notice.” Well, pardon my French again, but that’s bull shit! If you’re dealing with something like that, you need a guy on your side that will do what needs to be done to protect you where you can’t be right now: back home. Maybe you’re dealing with criminal charges, debt, bankruptcy, or whatever. I say this all the time: I’m not a one trick pony! I can take care of just about any legal needs you may have, and most importantly, I’ve got experience getting what’s truly fair for the servicemen I represent. You’d be surprised how much the courts will do for you when they’ve been presented with the proper case for who you are: An Honorable Servicemen. I can and will make that happen. Like I said: I figure you’ve already got my back, so it’s time I cover your back too. Call me today:

– Tim MacDonald